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Explanation of USB Type-c interface function
- 2021-03-03-

Explanation of usb type-c interface function

Now usbtype-c interfaceIt is already well known by people, it is widely used in all walks of life, and its effect is also very significant. But many people don't really know the type-c interface, and they have a lot of misunderstandings about it. For example, they think it can't support 3.5mm jack earphones. The usb type-c interface has many functions, which meet people's requirements for the use of electronic interfaces and electronic products.


The usb type-c interface has strong adaptability. When it is used in different electronic devices, it can have many different functions. For example, when used in a travel adapter, it can only be used for charging, and when used in a notebook computer, it has charging and data transmission functions. When designing the usb type-c interface, different structural designs can be used to achieve different power charging functions. Some people think that the type-c interface must be digital information when transmitting audio, but in fact, it can support the use of digital audio. This means that headphones that use the usb type-c connection interface can achieve high-quality audio transmission and can achieve very good auditory effects.

The usb type-c interface also has the advantage of multifunctional use at the same time. One interface can realize charging, data transmission and audio transmission at the same time. Simply put, with a mobile phone with a type-c interface, people can use the conversion connector to simultaneously realize functions such as mobile phone charging, file transfer, and listening to songs. And in terms of audio transmission, although the usb type-c interface and the 3.5mm headphone jack cannot match each other, they can be exchanged through a connector converter, which is very convenient. This c-type usb interface still has many potential functions to be developed. It is hoped that with the efforts of scientific researchers, more functions can be discovered and used in commodities for the benefit of mankind.