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Features and application of TYPE-C waterproof female seat
- 2020-08-20-

Features and application of TYPE-C waterproof female seat

TYPE-C waterproof female seatRefers to a connection interface with a certain waterproof function, which is a type of USB connector. It is a new generation interface developed by the USB-IF Association to meet the challenge of higher-speed interfaces since 2014. After the TYPE-C waterproof female socket was launched, it has attracted the attention of various industries. Industry professionals believe that this new interface will bring a new pattern of electronic connections.


Everyone is so optimistic about the TYPE-C waterproof female seat because it has the following characteristics:

1. It can provide power supplies of various voltage and current specifications, with a limit value of up to 100W power.

2. Symmetrical connection, can be plugged and connected on the front and back, and can withstand 10,000 times of repeated plugging and unplugging.

3. High bandwidth, data transmission speed can be as high as 10Gbit/s, and its current specified value is 3A~5A.

4. Flexible channel configuration for functional negotiation, such as determining the interface insertion direction, negotiating the power supply function on the interface, Atermatc mode and peripheral mode.

5. Support non-USB signal transmission, support a variety of OEM product customization modes, and non-USB data transmission can be realized through USBTYPE-C waterproof female socket.

6. It is compatible and can be connected to different types of interfaces through a USB switch.

7. Small size. Compared with TYPE-A and TYPE-B, its thickness is thinner, which can greatly reduce the size of electronic products.

TYPE-C waterproof female seat can be used in a wide range of fields, mainly including electrical charging and data transmission. People use the mobile phone charging interface more commonly, which can realize super fast charging of mobile phones. Oppo mobile phone's "charge for five minutes, power on for two hours" is achieved through the TYPE-C waterproof female seat. Computer mainframes, notebooks, drones, and smart wearable products also use USB 3.0 interfaces to realize the functions of fast charging and fast data transmission.