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Application analysis of Bubujing TYPE-C patch in the automotive field
- 2020-09-22-

Application analysis of Bubujing TYPE-C patch in the automotive field

Shenzhen step by step productionTYPE-C patchIt has been widely used in the electronic field, and mobile phones, notebooks and other smart devices can all use this two-way plug-in interface. Since the C-type USB interface can be used with any standardized USB transmission protocol, and can realize 20Gbps data transmission, it will be the trend of future USB interface development. In the future, Shenzhen Bubujing TYPE-C patch will not only be used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, but also in the automotive field.


According to the "USBType-C Forecast in 2019" research report, it is found that the demand for TYPE-C patches in the next few years will show an increasing trend, and the application in various industries and industries will also be more extensive. The report also predicts that Type-C USB will make significant progress in the automotive field, bringing more to people than there. Shenzhen Bubujing company formulated a research plan based on the report, hoping to produce a TYPE-C patch interface suitable for enterprise use.

TYPE-C patch will be the main connection device for future cars. People are increasingly expecting to be able to realize the connection and compatibility of mobile devices and other accessory devices inside the vehicle. Removing the power plug is the voice of countless consumers, who hope to realize data transmission and charging functions very conveniently and quickly. The TYPE-C patch can withstand a large voltage of 5V and is the best choice for automotive connection interfaces.

my country's annual car sales are very impressive, which means that once the TYPE-C patch is used in vehicle transportation, it will generate a very large market demand. The opportunity is left to those who are prepared. Shenzhen has carefully focused on the automotive market and is committed to solving the application of TYPE-C patches in the automotive field. I believe it will definitely win the trust of customers.