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Packaging process of common TYPE-C female seat
- 2020-06-19-

TYPE-C female is a widely used data transmission and exchange interface at present. With its good compatibility and transmission stability, it has firmly occupied the position of the transmission interface of digital electronic equipment, and the TYPE-C female connector has It is a new generation data interface standard of USB female connector on the mobile device side. It belongs to the USB3.1 protocol specification standard newly launched in the past few years. It will be the main USB connector in the future.

TYPE-C female seatIn the use of, do not reach out to touch the socket interface and insert a metal object into the live jack of the TYPE-C female interface, so as not to easily cause dangerous accidents such as electric shock. Therefore, every time you use the TYPE-C female socket, you should also pay attention to the cover of the usb socket. First, it can prevent excessive dust from intruding, and secondly, it also plays a certain role in moisture prevention.


Do not use the TYPE-C female socket in a high-temperature environment for a long time, because when the working temperature is too high, the electrical load of the TYPE-C female socket will exceed the standard and cannot be tolerated, which will cause the socket to catch fire and short circuit. Therefore, when the socket has been used for a long time, it is generally necessary to stop the equipment and rest. After the working temperature has dissipated, the TYPE-C female socket can be used, which can avoid and reduce the occurrence of failures.

When the usb socket fails to be used due to a short-circuit failure, for the USB socket detection circuit failure, please do not detect the circuit while the usb socket is energized. Because when the USB socket fails, the circuit is in a state of overload, high temperature and short circuit at this time. If it is powered on again, it will cause other circuits to malfunction, and if it is serious, it may directly burn the socket. Therefore, when the TYPE-C female seat fails, the switching power supply should be turned off immediately, and then professional instruments can be used to troubleshoot the problem.

On the plug-in connection of the TYPE-C female socket, be careful not to allow some tiny debris to invade the interface, otherwise it will easily cause poor contact between the USB socket and the USB plug, which will cause some unrecognized induction situations. Moreover, the usb socket has been used for a long time, so pay attention to the dust cleaning of the daily interface, so as to avoid excessive dust, the components of the socket interface will easily cause rust problems, so it will affect the performance of the TYPE-C female socket.

The TYPE-C female seat adopts an integrated injection molding process and a non-traditional plug-end assembly type. The use of this process can make the connection of this product more stable when the TYPE C male and female are mated. In terms of product appearance and size, the length of the interface body of this simple 6P-TYPE C female socket is 6.85mm, the pin spacing of the pins is 1.0mm, and the length of the four pins welded and fixed to the PCB board is 1.1mm (the specifications are short pins) Type), when the product male and female are mated, the effective mating depth is 4.8mm.

When installing the TYPE-C female socket, pay attention to the connection points of the socket not to bundle the connected power cords, otherwise it is easy to cause the working circuit to fail to dissipate in use, which may directly burn the socket. Therefore, when installing the wiring in the usb socket, leave some spacing between the wiring points to facilitate the line heat removal.