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TYPE-C patch function introduction
- 2020-06-19-

At present, TYPE-C patch is under the influence of various interference factors in the surrounding environment, the interference signal existing outside may enter the inner conductor of the data line and affect the corresponding data transmission effect, so it is high-quality and reliable at present. In the customization of usb data lines, it is more necessary to meet the stability of its data transmission function. From the current brand analysis of usb data line customization, we can find that a high-quality usb data line customization mechanism can achieve comprehensive design of multiple shielding layers based on this good design effect, and achieve comprehensive control through this level of design to avoid external signals. Interference factors to ensure the efficiency of data transmission and the stability of signal communication.


The role of each wire of TYPE-C patch:

Red wire: positive power supply (marked on the line as: 5V or vcc)

White line: negative voltage data line (identified as data or USB port -)

Green line: positive voltage data line (identified as data or USB port)

Black wire: ground (mark ground or ground).

Of course, the color of the wire can only be seen when the outer layer of the data cable or charging cable is peeled off.

When observing, the USB head faces itself, the contacts are facing upwards, from left to right, the corresponding functions of the contact cables are the ground wire (or should be called the neutral wire, the black wire), and the read data wire (signal out wire, green wire) ), write data line (signal incoming line, white line), +5V. Wire (power supply positive, red wire).

Usually when using TYPE-C patch, the work of the outer skin used for the data cable is very important. Only by using a relatively high-strength material can the data cable be strong, durable and not easily deformed. The TYPE-C patch customization requirements meet the standard of this wire. Both the appearance maintenance and the pull resistance are better than the general work data line. The TYPE-C patch customization will take into account the customer’s Practical needs therefore provide products with a longer service life.

It is reported that TYPE-C patches also need to undertake certain current transmission and charging functions in daily applications, and the continuous improvement of high-efficiency charging capacity and flash charging function requirements of mobile phones requires my country's high-quality and reliable usb data line customization to provide stability The current transmission. At present, the high-quality and reliable usb data line customization mechanism adopts the continuous adjustment of current and the continuous testing of its current production plan, so that its customized products of the usb data line have more efficient current flow capacity.