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The 2022 (Summer) Asia Charging Exhibition has ended, step by step, and shine
- 2022-08-22-

The 2022 (Summer) Asia Charging Exhibition has ended, step by step, and shine

After three delays, the 2022 (Summer) Asia Charging Exhibition finally opened grandly from August 16 to August 18. Although it only lasted for 3 days, the entire exhibition was full of popularity, among which customers, scholars, engineers, professionals The participation of the audience is very high. Even under the influence of the epidemic environment, it still cannot stop everyone's enthusiasm. According to statistics, this exhibition has received a total of 1,200 people. Here, thank the organizers and co-organizers, Colleagues from all walks of life, customers, friends, scholars and related staff give full support and care, and work hard for everyone.


The products brought by Bubujing Technology in this Asian charging exhibition include USB, connector, tact switch, and USB cable data line 4 types. Among them, USB TYPE-C female socket is also the key point of current and future development. The world is also a bursting trend. TYPE-C products have various varieties and different effects. According to the requirements of different customers, the company can provide different adaptations. The company's current TYPE-C products have a waterproof function of grade 8, which is suitable for applications. The scene has been greatly improved. The company's product design process basically realizes a fully automated mode, and the development of automata to control the development process, which greatly saves manpower, and produces more sophisticated products with higher quality. In the future, the company will also develop different Style TYPE-C products try our best.


Bubujing Technology attaches great importance to every opportunity to communicate and discuss with colleagues in the industry. At the exhibition, Bubujing Technology visitors showed the multi-functional introduction of USB and connector products and industry solutions, depicting the "future of intelligent links". blueprint".

Introduction Finally, let's take a look at the on-site dynamics of this exhibition, and look forward to meeting you at the next exhibition.