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Bubujing Technology will "gather with you at the 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair
- 2021-04-14-

Bubujing Technology will "gather with you at the 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair

As the most influential exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair comprehensively displays the electronics industry chain and serves the rapidly growing Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets.WillIt will bring together more than 1,000 high-quality electronics companies at home and abroad to create a professional display platform spanning the upstream and downstream industries from product design to application implementation. It will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 14-16, 2021.


Shanghai Electronics Fair in Munich displays industry content including semiconductors, embedded systems, sensors, connectors, passive components, power supplies, test and measurement, Internet of Things technology, automotive electronics and testing, PCB, EMS, display technology, including South China. Bubujing Technology, a high-end precision connector manufacturer, as a leader in the Type-C manufacturing industry, has also been invited to participate in the exhibition many times.


In this exhibition, the Type-C products brought by Bubujing Technology mainly include: Type-C interface, Type-C female socket, Type-C waterproof female socket, Type-C fast charging, Type-C patch, Type-C connectors, waterproof Type-C, fast charging connectors, etc., can be widely used in consumer electronics, digital, automotive regulations and security and other industries.


Bubujing Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, and its East China headquarters is located in Hongqiao Town, Yueqing, a tourist city that has been awarded the title of "Domestic Electronic Main Production Base" and "Domestic Precision Mould Manufacturing Base"; and opened its No. 2 Headquarters, Shenzhen Bubujing Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The company has obtained 113 patent authorizations. Bubujing Technology is a group enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various connectors, switches, sockets, and connecting lines. Manufacturer, main SMD tact switches, miniature tact switches, plug-in tact switches, pin header terminal connectors, pin header connectors, WAFER connectors, USB connectors, USB female sockets, USB TYPE-C interfaces, etc. .