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ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition ended successfully, step by step brilliant
- 2021-04-09-

ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition ended successfully, step by step brilliant

The 4-day 2021ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition and the 22nd SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall). The posture of recovery provides colleagues in the manufacturing industry with a professional, reliable, all-round communication and interaction, cooperative transactions, and a new platform for mutual promotion. At the same time, it reflects the level of exhibits, exhibition popularity, and on-site activities. The high standard of the annual event of the manufacturing industry.


Bubujing's flagship product TYPE-C socket launched in this exhibition has welcomed a large number of customers and industry insiders to communicate and discuss, and two products that have received a lot of attention are "Waterproof 9-pole Flagship" and "PD Express". "Charging the flagship model" has become the focus of customers' attention and in-depth communication. The professional explanation of step-by-step market personnel and the in-depth product display have left a deep product impression and brand attention for customers. There are many end users. Expressed the need for in-depth cooperation with larger-scale dealers.


As a manufacturer focusing on TYPE-C connectors, covering internal and external interfaces, switches and wiring harnesses, the brand was founded in 1987. The group has 7 factories, 9 business departments, and more than 800 high-quality employees. More than 30 years of focus As an integrated solution provider for connectors, switches and wiring harnesses, it has higher requirements and standards for quality control and product performance stability, providing a strong guarantee for the application of products in various high-end fields.


Under the background that the impact of the international epidemic has not yet ended, the exhibition site still has audiences, customers and industry associations from all over the world to discuss supply and demand, and exchange technology, which not only demonstrates the huge industry influence of ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, but also It has greatly boosted the confidence of the whole industry in the future development.